Frequently Asked Questions


The full amount of your ticket sales is available in full 4 business day after the event. After your event, you can request you funds via PayPal, Cashapp, Wire, ACH or mail a check. You will receive your funds within 1 to 5 days, depending on the payout method. Early cash-out for some events are available.

Yes, you may cash-out available funds before the start of the event (Fees may apply and must be approved).

Visit your dashboard to keep track of the ticket sales and attendees who have purchased tickets to your event.

We allow both you to send both text messages or emails to your attendees via Whim's event dashboard. Pressed for time? Have Whim's AI Assistant do it for you.

When someone uses Whim as their ticketing solution, we automatically create an event page that is featured on the top of our event calendar Event Calendar. We also place the event in our newsletter blast a week before the event and feature it on our app available in the apple store.

From the time your event goes live, it is placed on our site and app. We send out the event in our newsletter a week before the event and may put the event on our IG the day of the event (it is up to our discretion).

Clients can go into the dashboard and send messages to their guests anytime they want. These can be sent via Text or Email. Clients also have the option to have Whim send out a 24hr or 90 minute reminder text/email for the event.

In the dashboard there is a button for View Guest list where clients have access to check in their own guests. We often inform clients it is much easier to handle the door if you keep the ticket link open and have guests just buy tickets online at the door.

If the event doesn’t require checkin, Whim can be used anywhere. The checkin services is only provided in NYC.

You can see views, create promocodes, view total sales, request money cashout, check guest information, see social media associated to your event if you have a unique hashtag, and much more.

We have partnered with a bunch or event producers. We are definitely willing to see what we can work out in terms of partnerships. Shoot us an email (

No customers can purchase tickets with a valid Credit Card or Apple pay and do not need to have a Whim account to purchase any tickets.

You can create as many promo codes as you need.

Sure. Just open up your dashboard and send free tickets directly to your guests via text message.

Yes you sure can! Ask us about customization options.

We want the host to focus on making their event a success and to leave the checking in to us. We provide staffing to check your guest in at the door. But if you prefer to do it yourself, you have that option as well.

All Whim customers are offered 500 free text message blasts and 1000 free email blasts.

You have the option of using one of our custom-made websites or you can use our embed code to sell tickets on your personal website, your choice!

Click here to start selling tickets with Whim!

Whim wants your event to be successful. In addition to having lower fees than our competitors, we provide staff to come and check your guest in at your event. This relieves you of that hassle and gives you more time to focus on the important things. We also put your event in our weekly newsletter and in our mobile app, reaching thousands of more people!

Whim sends staff dedicated to scanning guest's tickets at your event. This means you do not need to hire someone to sit at a desk to check- in guests at the door. Sit back and let us do the work while you focus on your event.

For free events there are no fees. For paid events, Whim's service fee is 1.5% per ticket. Credit card processing fee is 3% + $1 per transaction. Additional services, such as custom websites and staffing at events means a slight increase in the fee price (an extra $1-$2).

The host can choose: 1) Guests pay the transaction fee. 2) Host pays the transaction fee. 3) Split the fees however you'd like. Let us know what works best and we can arrange it for you.

Guests can pay with a credit card, debit card, or ApplePay. Whim uses Stripe to process card transactions, so Whim won't ever have access to your information.

The short answer: It is SUPER safe.
The long answer: Stripe is our credit/debit card processing platform and is very safe and secure. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level l. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.  We also require purchasers to provide billing information and contact information to reduce the likelihood of fraud for the protection of everyone.

Yes, you can choose the event URL.

Connect with us through email (