For every ticket sold on our ticketing platform, we are setting aside a portion to provide grants for black entrepreneurs.

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Why we
give back

"When a company is Black-owned, you have Black decision makers, a Black perspective and Black employees."

Cathy Hughes
Pictured: Whim team
of Black


Lack Capital $$$

We know how hard it was to fund our business. Last year, we won the eBay Startup Cup presented by Griffinworx. So we want to give other entrepreneurs like us a shot at sucess as well.

About our
grant program

In partnership with our parent company
Whim Technologies, we are providing
business grants for black entrepreneurs to
grow their business.

How it works

For every ticket sold on Whim's ticketing platform, we will set aside ten cents towards our black entrepreneurship fund.

Anyone who identifies as a black entrepreneur is encouraged to apply.
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Winners will be announced for 2019. Each recipient will receive at minimum, a grant of $1,000 to be used towards technology development or consulting services from Whim Technologies.

Meet the
of 2019

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